International exposure

Biggin & Scott Land is at the forefront of the current trend of Chinese developers now seeking land as an alternative to inner city apartment development.

With Melbourne’s annual population growth estimated at around 120,000 per annum, the demand for land remains strong as supply has remained constrained.

In just the first half of 2018, Biggin & Scott Land has sold 800 hectares of land equating to over $500 million in land sales.

Presently we are attending two to three meetings each week with Asian buyers and advisors with high net worth clients seeking to invest money in land development in Australia.

As a result of these relationships and our exposure and contemporary activity in this specialised field, we have grown a healthy outbound database of international buyers that is second-to-none in the industry.

We know who is buying.


中国开发商现在正寻求土地作为内城区公寓开发的替代品。 Biggin & Scott Land 正处于这一当前趋势的前沿。


就在2018上半年,Biggin & Scott Land 已经售出800公顷的土地,相当于超过5亿澳币的土地销售。

目前,我们每周都要参加两到三次会议,参会者有亚洲买家和拥有高净值客户的顾问, 他们正在寻求投资澳大利亚土地开发的机会。

由于这些合作关系,以及我们在这个专业领域的关注度和与时俱进的行动,我们已经拥有一个健全的国际买家资料库, 这在业界首屈一指。